Help Section

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If you are using Internet Explorer you can simply click on the packet and open it.  All other web browser users will need to download the packets to your computer.

To save a file to your computer, right click and click save as.

If the packet doesn't open in either Internet Explorer or on your computer, please update Adobe Reader

TABLET USERS:  There are many efficient PDF Viewing programs in Google Play Store. One that works well is Polaris Office


If you do not have a user name, contact Derek at extension 121 or e-mail
For Agendas, The year is in Heading 1 format, the meeting is in Heading 2 format.  Please type out the meeting name such as "Meeting of January 1st, 2099"

All other non-public information is located on the Global Public Files Drive on the City Network.  If you do not have access to the city network, contact Derek at extension 121 or e-mail