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November 14, 2016

A proposed amendment to the Lot 7 Specific Implementation Plan.  Click Here

October 14, 2014

Certified Survey Maps have been submitted for review and action to create individual parcels within the Kettle Park West Development.  Click Here

September 5, 2014

Maxfield Research Inc. has completed their Economic Impact Analysis for the commercial development proposed as part of the Kettle Park West Development.  The consultant will be making a presentation on the report at a Committee of the Whole meeting on Thursday, September 11, 2014 at 6:30 pm in the Council Chambers.  There will be an opportunity for community discussion as part of the meeting.

Economic Impact Analysis for Kettle Park West Commercial Development


April 2014

Materials Related to TIF Compiled for April 8, 2014 Meeting

Update - January, 2014

Approximately 140 acres, encompassing much of the Kettle Park West development area, was annexed in June, 2013.

In November, 2013, the City approved rezoning approximately 35 acres to Planned Development (General Development Plan) for the commercial portion of the proposed development.

In December, 2013, the City recieved Plat materials laying out proposed parcels for the commercial development area.  This Plat is named "Kettle Park West - Commercial Center" and includes the extension of Jackson Street to the western edge of this plat.

Development Agreement discussions occurred at the Common Council meeting on January 14, 2014.  The City Attorney and Staff were directed to prepare a draft Development Agreement based on the discussion.


The City of Stoughton continues to work with developers to implement the City's Comprehensive Plan for development on the western edge of the City.  The proposed Kettle Park West Development seeks to implement a portion of the 51-138 Westside Detailed Neighborhood Plan that has been adopted into the City's Comprehensive Plan.  The first phase of this proposed development consists of primarily commercial and retail uses.  In late 2010, the City of Stoughton applied for an Urban Service Area (USA) Amendment to allow the extension of public services west of USH 51 including the Kettle Park West area.  Stoughton received the approval for the USA Amendment in June 2011.  The USA amendment process involves significant evaluation of stormwater management and efficient delivery of public services.  

Since that time, the developers have been working to solidify potential users of commercial and retail lands for the first phase of the development.  In the Fall of 2011 Traffic Impact Analysis materials were submitted to the Department of Transportation for evaluation of traffic impacts for anticipated connections to the STH 138 and USH 51 from the proposed Kettle Park Development.  A Pre-Annexation Agreement was executed outlining initial expectations related to the annexation prior to submitting an annexation petition for lands contained in the proposed Kettle Park West development area.

In May 2013, the land owners of about 140 acres within the proposed Kettle Park West development area submitted a unanimous direct petition for annexation.  This annexation will be considered by the Planning Commission and City Council in the coming weeks.

Kettle Park West Lot 4 Specific Implementation Plan Materials  
Kettle Park West Lot 7 Specific Implementation Plan Materials  
Amended & Restated GDP Draft 10-29-2014  
Kettle Park West Commercial Center Master Plan 10-29-2014  
Certified Survey Maps  
Kettle Park West - Draft Amended & Restated General Development Plan - 10-23-2014  
Kettle Park West Commercial Center - Master Plan - 10-23-2014  
Draft General Development Area Exhibit - 10-23-2014  
Additional Economic Analysis Materials from Maxfield Research  
Economic Impact Analysis - Kettle Park West  
Traffic Impact Analysis Revised 10-3-2014  
Traffic Impact Analysis  
KPW Development Agreement  KPW Development Agreement
Kettle Park West Draft Development Phasing Plan  
Capital Area Regional Planning Commission - Staff Analysis  
DNR Approval - Urban Service Area Amendment  
City of Stoughton Comprehensive Plan Amendment 2012  
51-138 Westside Detailed Neighborhood Plan  
Kettle Park West Commercial Center General Development Plan  
Kettle Park West Economic Considerations  
Kettle Park West - Commercial Center (Preliminary Plat)  
Kettle Park West - Commercial Center (Final Plat)