Kettle Park West Open Records

phase 2 submittals june 3, 2019

Kettle Park West North Addition Construction Documents

phase 2 submittals march 12, 2019

Applicant Summary Letter

Kettle Park West North Addition Final Plat

Kettle Park West Proposed CSM

KPW North Addition Construction Plans

phase 2 submittals february 22, 2019

Draft Preliminary Plan of Kettle Park West Phase 2

Draft Certified Survey Map

Draft Preliminary Plat of Kettle Park West Phase 2

Draft Kettle Park West - North Addition Final Plat

older documents

General Development Plans

Walmart SuperCenter

Kwik Trip

Phase I

Phase II

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KPW Closing Documentation Packet


Memo of Understanding relating to KPW Tax Increment Guarantee Letter of Credit

KPW Progress Line and TIF Information

FAQ Presentation

KPW INFRASTRUCTURE Improvement Exhibit


Second Amended and Restated Agreement to Undertake Development at KPW & Approved Resolution

Memorandum of Understanding relating to the implementation of the KPW Development Agreement & approved Resolution

Three- Party Agreement relating to the KPW Development & approved Resolution

TIF 7 Creation Materials

KPW Planning-Zoning reports and exhibits

Final Large Development Questionnaire - Figure 2 2
KPW CC Economic Considerations Report 10-9-13

KPW Development Agreement

Second Amended and Restated Agreement to Undertake Development at KPW

Development Agreement

Economic Impact Analysis - RFP

Agreement to Undertake Development
Analysis of Potential Economic Impacts
City Ordinance 78-205(11)
Cover Letter - Request for Proposals
Kettle Park West Commercial Center Economic and Public Service Considerations
Rezoning Ordinance

Economic Impact Analysis - PROPOSALS RECIEVED

Gibbs Planning Group - March 2014
Maxfield Research - March 2014
Vierbicher - March 2014